Six new Geotrails in the GeoPark Carnic Alps!

Picturesque, colourful, and trilingual they convey the fascinating geology impressively!

To make the whole story even more exciting, at the Geotrails Lake Zollner, Garnitzen Gorge and Laas a  puzzle is included. Those who unravel the mystery await a reward in the Visitor Center in Dellach/Gail.

Geotrail Lake Wolayer – Walking on the sea-bottom


The descriptions of the stops of the Geotrail Lake Wolayer and the Geotrail Naßfeld-Auernig can be downloaded.

Stopping points geotrail Lake Wolayer

Stopping points geotrail Nassfeld-Auernig


Summing up informations about the Geotrails are available in the downloadable folders.

Geotrails german

Sentieri geologici italiano

Geotrails english

Geotrail Laas – Petrified Forest - Geology Live
Geotrail Lake Zollner – Secrets of a Landscape
Geotrail Garnitzen Gorge - unbelievable Forces at Work
Geotrail Naßfeld – Walking along fossil Beaches
Geotrail Lake Wolayer – Walking on the Sea Bottom
Geotrail Plöckenpass – Adventure Earth History