August 20, 2016

"Schattseitendörfer" – a geocultural biking tour along the upper Gail Valley

The biking tour is postponed from June to August 2016!

Together with the club "Kulturradpfade" the Geopark is organizing this biking tour from Dellach to Kötschach-Mauthen along the so-called „Schattseitendörfer“ (shadow-sided villages) Würmlach, Nölbling, Stranig und back. These villages show the original villagescape of the upper Gail Valley. We will visit churches, land castles and farmhouses and taste the famous Gailtal bacon and cheese.



June 4, 2016

Rocks and fossils of the Naßfeld area reflecting climate change 300 million years ago.

Dr. Herbert Kabon, palaeobotanist and Gerlinde Ortner, manager of the Geopark accompany you on a tour from Naßfeld Pass to Garnitzenhöhe and show you the dimensions of climate change during the Carboniferous Period some 290 million years ago.

Details ou find here.

The Hercule statue in Dellach, made from a serpentinte by the artist Hans Peter Profunser
A case for collectos (Foto courtesy Christine Ruckenbauer)
Soil near Mandorf close to Kötschach
The world-famous Cellon section on the eastern flank of mountain Cellon (Photo courtesy R. Homberger)
One of the most fascinating soils of Cainthia represeted by a floodplain soil near Spittal/Drau (Photo courtesy Gerlinde Ortner)
Well grounded: Enough space in the Gail Valley for all requirements (Photo courtesy R. Homberger)
Folded rocks prove movements
Dellach in the Gail Valley in the year 1899
Natural rock mill in the Garnitzen Gorge